Issue: July 22, 2010


In news this week: The oil industry wants to suspend California’s landmark global-warming law, Assembly Bill 32. But supporters may be surprised to learn that Proposition 23 would probably leave most of the state’s greenhouse-gas rules intact, while sowing lawsuits and confusion. Also in news, what’s the best way to save America’s second-most endangered river system? Let it flood. Next, our editorial writers poke the teabagger anthill with back-to-back opinions on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Climategate. And in green news, Greg Lucas investigates California’s experiment in green chemistry, and our Greenlight columnist suggests we send Mayor Kevin Johnson to Rancho Cordova.

Feature story

Some say Midtown is too much fun. That its vibrant night life threatens its erstwhile sleepy residential neighborhoods. Others, they like the new Midtown, which emerged in the past decade, and champion the “It’s too early to go to bed” mantra. And so, there’s a fight for Midtown’s future that’s divided its very populace. Residents disapprove of the concentration of bars and night life, developers and entrepreneurs lament the city’s lack of vision and investment, and City Hall frustrates everyone with its profuse red-tape bureaucracy. Nick Miller reports on the battle for Midtown.

Arts & culture

This week, you’ll find: a preview of the annual Sacramento International Film and Music Festival, details on the ballad of America Day, thoughts on a pear festival, a taste of East Sac’s new Mexican-food hot spot, a look at filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko’s latest lesbian mom drama, a interview with the most dangerous gang in town, and a day in the life of Sacto’s only vegan food cart.