Queens are Wild

Lambda Players Theatre

1127 21st St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

(916) 444-8229

Rated 2.0

Local playwright Matthew Burlingame misses the mark in his new dramedy, Queens Are Wild. The story has a famed playwright, Brandon (Steve Lazano), stuck in a sticky love triangle between his best friend Kirk (Kurt Kurtis) and his boyfriend Chet (Eric Jon Cadwell). But the play is even stickier as the cast tries to transition between past and present, leaving the audience a bit confused. Though funny in places and with a great musical montage, these queens just aren’t that wild. Recommended for adult audiences. Th 8pm 8/5, 12; F, Sa 8pm. Through 8/14. $10. Lambda Players Theatre, 1127 21st St.; (916)-444-8229; www.lambdaplayers.com.