Dress up

illustration by mark stivers

When I go out to eat at one of the nicer restaurants in town, I take the time to dress up a bit. Nothing fancy, just a button-up shirt and some good slacks. It’s a matter of respect toward the restaurant and common manners. Furthermore, it marks the dinner as a special occasion for you and your guests.

Now, some of you may disagree with me on the particulars, but there are certain fashion don’ts to dining with which I think we should all agree.

Men, a tank top and torn baggy jeans with your entire boxer-covered butt showing are not acceptable. There is also no reason to wear your shades indoors or pop your collar, as it makes you look like a total douche.

Ladies, no clothes that one might associate with looking methed out, and no makeup that looks like you dragged your face across the sample counter at Rite Aid before heading to a rave.

Going out to a fancy restaurant is one of those occasions to enjoy looking good, so style it up a bit and make it work for you.