Night Train to Munich

Rated 2.0

Although he would go on to play the anti-Nazi freedom fighter Victor Laszlo in Casablanca less than two years later, Paul Henreid (credited here as Paul von Henried) was cast as Nazi turncoat Karl Marsen in this stiff British spy film from 1940. After her scientist father is forced to flee Czechoslovakia in advance of the Nazi invasion, Anna Bomasch is imprisoned by Nazis (the film presents a dangerously naive depiction of concentration camps). Anna is befriended and aided in escape by Marsen, a Nazi mole trying to track down her father, whose work in armor plating is considered essential by both sides. Rex Harrison marginally enlivens the film when he shows up as British agent Gus Bennett, who is working undercover as a Boardwalk song peddler, but this sluggish Carol Reed dud is light on thrills and heavy on misguided propaganda.