Issue: August 06, 2009

Dear readers,

This week’s issue isn’t pretty.

On the cover, Cosmo Garvin looks at Sacramento’s 10 worst polluters, or "toxic ten"--an ignoble bunch if there ever was one.

In the arts section, Nick Miller hangs out with local horror filmmaker Jason Rudy and chat about dumping bodies in the river and his latest feature: a slasher romance flick about a 20-year-old virgin who’d rather slaughter her lovers than screw them. Yikes!

Feeling dirty after all that? OK ... so why not vote in this year’s SN&R Best of Sac 2009. You’ll be automatically be entered to win a 50cc urban scooter from The Scoot Shop, which in turn will allow you to sell that clunker in your driveway and go green.

I bet you clean up well,