Issue: July 30, 2009

Dear Readers,I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately with people asking, “Hey, why don’t you just shoot straight and tell me the five best things to read each week in that e-mail newsletter instead of trying to crack jokes?”So here you go:Five Best Things To Read In This Week’s SN&R:5. Rachel Leibrock’s feature on Sac’s most popular band, MC Rut.4. A look at the state Legislature’s crack down on the 49ers--and it’s not what you think.3. Actually, you can’t do this in the issue, only online: VOTE in this year’s Best of Sacramento 2009 and automatically be entered to win a free 50cc urban scooter from The Scoot Shop, among other cool prizes!2. A history of Sac’s most famous performance art and design troupe--and how the city of West Sacramento shut them down for good.1. Bites taking a nibble at Nestle, who’ll open a new bottling plant in south Sacramento.Think Free,SN&R