Grey Gardens

Rated 3.0

The HBO original Grey Gardens pulled down 17 Emmy nominations last week, which probably says more about the lowered expectations for TV movies than about the quality of this mediocre biopic. It’s inspired by the Maysles brothers’ documentary of the same name, and based on the lives of New England socialites turned weirdo shut-ins “Little” Edie and “Big” Edith Bouvier Beale. They were relations of Jacqueline Bouvier, Kennedy in-laws whose dreams went to rot in their molding Hamptons estate. Drew Barrymore plays “Little” Edie, a brassy siren repeatedly let down by the men in her life, but resurrected decades later as a camp fashion icon. It’s Barrymore’s best work in a decade by default of being watchable, but she’s basically doing her usual Never Been Kissed dreamer with a clam-chowder accent.