Sat, Aug 01, Say Bok Gwai

Javalounge, 8 p.m., $6

Ngor zang ngor jee gei. If you can understand that, you should definitely come out to the Say Bok Gwai show at the Javalounge. However, even if you don’t, come for the great coffee and culture. Don’t worry, it only means “I hate myself” in Cantonese. Not to be confused with bok choy (the green leafy vegetable), Say Bok Gwai, the first Chinese-American hardcore band in San Francisco, rocks hard in Cantonese and English. A blend of American and Chinese cultures, self-labeled Cantocore, the band will give you an up-close experience in this cozy coffeehouse. Try to not get spit on your face. 2416 16th Street,