Issue: February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Doesn't it feel like we just celebrated New Year's? Time does fly ... Monday is Valentine's Day, the holiday of all things red and pink and heart-shaped. In its honor, we at the CN&R take the time to get a little sappy so we can bring to you our annual Love, Sex, Marriage Issue. In all actuality, there's nothing sappy about this week's stories. I mean, there's an interview with a therapist who specializes in polyamorous relationships (that's when you have multiple partners). There's a fun piece I wrote after talking to a few naughty locals about their one-night stand experiences. And we explore Chico State's sexual-diversity-studies minor as well as a sex-ed course for the disabled.

There's plenty of news this week, as well, including the Diversity Action Plan implemented at Chico State to foster diversity. Plus, in the arts world, we review the Blue Room's rendition of Sid and Nancy: Love Kills, the story of the Sex Pistols. And much, much more.

In other news, it's once again Fiction 59 time! So, get out your pens and pencils and start scribbling. Complete rules can be found on our site at Deadline is Thursday, Feb. 24, 5 p.m.

XOXO, Meredith J. Graham, managing editor