Homicide rates for young people

The 10 counties where youths and young adults are being killed

Homicide is the second-leading cause of death for Californians ages 10 to 24 years old. In 2007, homicides were outpaced only by unintentional injuries—mostly motor-vehicle fatalities—as the leading cause of death for this age group. Of the more than 900 homicides reported, more than 85 percent were committed with firearms. For blacks ages 10 to 24 in California in 2007, homicide was the leading cause of death. For Hispanics and American Indians/Alaska Natives, it was the second-leading cause of death. For Asian/Pacific Islanders, it was the third-leading cause of death. And for whites it was the fourth-leading cause of death. Here are the 10 counties with the highest youth homicide rates in 2009. Butte County, with only one homicide, was ranked 35th.

Source: Violence Policy Center (www.vpc.org)