Just how healthy is California?

Answer: Not as healthy as you might think

Californians tend to self-identify as healthy people, eating lots of veggies and shopping at the farmers’ market. Pictures of Californians show people who are typically well-sculpted, tan and doing physical, outdoor activities. So, why is it that California is ranked just 26th among the 50 states for health? (Vermont was No. 1 and Mississippi was No. 50.) Take a look at some of the 2010 indicators and how California ranked (the lower the number, the better the ranking), based on a study published by the United Health Foundation and funded by UnitedHealth Group.

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Air pollution 50 Annual unemployment rate 47 Children in poverty 33 Health status (percent poor or fair) 43 Daily veggies and fruit 5 Diabetes 33 High-school graduation 38 Insured medically 45 Prevalence of smoking 2 Overall 26

Source: http://statehealthstats.americashealthrankings.org