Don’t pay too much to play

Ten toys that won’t break the bank

The best toys don’t have to be the most expensive. The budget-conscious folks at consumer finance site slogged through various toy best-of lists and came up with these 10 award-winning toys for $10 or less.

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Toy Description Price Air Hogs Titan Glider with four-foot wingspan $9.99 Bendaroos Flexible building sticks $5.99-$9.99 Hellophone Kids cell phone with pre-recorded messages $7.99 Krazy Kars Marble Racers Marble inside car lights up when shaken $7.99 Plastic Bag Monsters Create monster marionettes with recycling $9 Sassy Discovery Loops Baby rattle made from interlocking loops $5.99 Superstructs Build planes, bikes, etc., with connecter-style kits $9.95 WordShout Word game featuring lettered dice $6.99 Zhu Zhu Pets Battery-powered furry animals that chatter $9.99