Hunger and homelessness in our midst

There’s more than you might think in Butte County

The Butte County Board of Supervisors recently proclaimed Nov. 14-20 as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week in the county. Here are some data provided by the Butte Countywide Continuum of Care about homelessness and hunger in our community. For more info or to get involved with the CoC, contact Megan Meloy at 895-4472 ext. 208 or

Number of homeless people: 1,963


who were living outdoors: 28

who’d lived in Butte County five years or longer: 59

who were “chronically” homeless: 32

who reported having no financial resources: 34

with a physical disability: 25

with a mental illness: 21

increase in requests for food at the North State Food Bank in the last two years: 30

Number of meals served by the Jesus Center so far in 2010: 85,000

Number of households on Butte County Housing Authority wait list: 3,000

Number of homeless school-aged children identified by the Butte County Office of Education: 500