The winners are?

2010 mid-term elections come into focus

It’s the week before 2010 midterm elections and the guessing games are ramping up. According to, in the national races there will be a leveling out of the balance of power in the Senate and a dramatic shift to the right in the House. Our own District 2 Republican Wally Herger isn’t projected to be significantly challenged by his opponent Jim Reed. In the major California races, according to the most recent L.A. Times/University of Southern Califonia poll, things are starting to come into focus as well:


Jerry Brown 52 %

Meg Whitman 39%

Don’t know/other 9%

U.S. Senator

Barbara Boxer 50%

Carly Fiorina 42%

Don’t know/other 8%

Prop. 19: marijuana legalization

No 51%

Yes 39%

Don’t know 10%

Prop. 23: Suspend Global Warming Act

Yes 32%

No 48%

Don’t know 20%