How California ranks on schools funding

High labor costs, teacher salaries skew results

How does California compare with other states in per-pupil spending? Two years ago, in 2007-08, it ranked 28th, below the national average, but when that figure was adjusted for the relatively high labor costs here, it fell to 43rd. School funding was cut further in 2008-09, 2009-10 and this year, by $3.1 billion. Compounding the problem is that average teacher salaries in California are the highest in the nation, which means schools can’t hire as many people. As a result, the state has only 40 percent as many district administrators, half as many counselors and a fifth as many librarians—and half as many teachers in its high schools. Overall, the state ranked 39th in the percentage of its residents’ incomes spent on schools.

Source: EdSource (