Issue: September 16, 2010

What haven’t you been reading?

This week’s feature story is about Project Censored, started more than 30

years ago in response to the mainstream media ignoring important issues.

Some of this year’s top 10 censored stories include the U.S. Department of

Defense getting away with proverbial murder when it comes to oil

consumption; Israel creating a state of apartheid in Palestine; and

Blackwater operating under wraps in Pakistan. This package, put together

every year by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, is a fascinating read. It

makes you wonder how much other national and international news you haven’t

been reading.

That’s not the only reason to read the CN&R this week, though--we have

plenty of other top stories worth perusing. News Editor Melissa Daugherty

gets behind a Willows man’s crusade against drug abuse; Calendar Editor

Stacey Kennelly lets her sweet tooth take over when she tries the plethora

of new yogurt shops that have popped up in recent months; and Staff Writer

Christine G.K. LaPado interviews one of the youngest mayors ... ever.

Tune in next week for the much-anticipated Best of Chico results!

Meredith J. Cooper, Managing Editor