Build a compost bin

Constructing one is easy and will give you excellent soil

It’s getting close to that time of year when the summer garden starts looking a little rangy. By the end of September, weeds seem to take better hold, and the tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other crops start turning yellow. At the end of this growing season, instead of letting things go feral, try pulling everything out and composting it. Just think of the free, excellent soil you will create. Compost bins don’t have to be elaborate or fancy. Plenty of them are easy and cheap to assemble. In fact, you may already have the supplies you need. The University of Missouri Extension has a great website with easy-to-follow instructions for constructing a variety of compost projects. Check it out at and enter “How to build a compost bin” into the search field. Fall is around the corner, so building one soon will help you to easily dispose of fall leaves, too.