Auto-oil savvy

Recycle that black gold

As we all know, oil and water don’t mix—especially when you’re talking about pouring used motor oil down a storm drain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that dumping your car’s old oil after you’ve changed it down a drain (or onto the ground, or into a trash can, where it will end up polluting the soil and groundwater, etc.) is a bad idea. Recycle your used oil and oil filters at a certified Butte County oil-recycling center instead. (Used motor oil can actually be re-refined and used again, thus conserving the precious black gold.) Recycle your used oil at one of the following Chico locations (they will pay you 10 cents per quart):


Chico Transfer & Recycling/Waste Management

Kragen Auto Parts

Jiffy Lube

Lube Express

Pep Boys

Pro Lube

Warren’s Drive-Thru Lube

For a list of all Butte County locations (and addresses), see: