Eat local, Chico!

Keep local money in the local economy

Consider the month of September “Eat Local, Chico!” month. Local health-food cooperative Chico Natural Foods is teaming up with Buy Fresh, Buy Local to encourage Chicoans to participate in the “Eat Local, America!” campaign taking place across the country. Keep local dollars in the local economy, and support delicious, fresh food that isn’t trucked in from hundreds of miles away, wasting fossil fuels and polluting the environment. Set a goal of making four or five meals (or more, or less) a week from only locally produced foods. The farmers’ market is a great place to start, as is any local CSA. Chico Natty also stocks locally made foods such as Chico Chai, locally grown organic fruits and veggies, and honey produced by local musician/beekeeper Mike Wofchuck. Go to for more info.