Issue: July 29, 2010

Americans are getting fatter by the minute, but one of us—Arts Editor Jason Cassidy—takes the bull by the horns and makes it his duty to shed a few pounds. He writes about his experience with In Motion Fitness’s boot-camp-style workout class and his non-diet diet. Now seven months after he started, he imparts some wisdom that might be able to help all of us.Don’t worry, he keeps it simple.

There are some other juicy (and low-fat!) morsels in this week’s offerings as well. First, we offer a glimpse into the blossoming career of a teenage downhill mountain biker who has dreams of heading to the world championships. Next, we take a tour of the Sacramento River Discovery Center with a special guide, teacher Ben Hughes. And finally the CN&R spends 15 minutes with Butte County’s newest clothing designer, RoyLyn Palmer Coleman.

Meredith J. Cooper, Managing Editor

P.S. I’ve been slowly crossing off activities on my Summer Challenge checklist. There’s still a month to go, and I can’t win—but you can! The prize? A Nikon Coolpix camera from Best Buy! Get to it!