Issue: July 22, 2010

Are you interested in, well, anything that’s accessible on a cell phone or computer screen? You’re reading an e-newsletter, so I’m guessing that’s a yes for most of you. Michael Ventura—a columnist for the Austin Chronicle—takes an in-depth look at our fascination with virtual reality and how it’s shaped us into a whole new breed of people. Worth a read, most definitely. Then we have Christine G.K. LaPado’s look into the inner workings of the Chico Arts Commission and how exactly public-art projects (specifically the Manzanita Corridor) get the green light. This is our money at work, folks—it pays to care. We also have insightful stories about why Jane Dolan lost her bid for re-election, 30 years of the Saturday farmers’ market, and a juicy take on local burger bars.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Meredith J. Cooper, Managing Editor