Rated 3.0

Adrien Brody is a soldier of fortune who joins a crème de la crème of badasses (and Topher Grace) who have been abducted from the battlefields of Earth and dropped into an even more dangerous game as prey for a bunch of alien predators getting their sport on. (Well, the Earthlings are the aliens, but … anyway.) These predators are a li’l more civilized than the Earthers ’cause they’ve chosen a prey that can fire back, instead of being humane and lying in wait to ambush Bambi with a sniper rifle. I suppose Predators don’t see the sport in something like that. Soooo … after 20 minutes of wandering around, shit and pieces of humans start flying about. (It’s produced by Robert Rodriguez, so the shit blowing up is done real good.) It then veers into the sci-fi competition and uses Aliens as a template, but does it well enough. The downside is that the final half gets a li’l too dark and shaky-cammy. Otherwise, it colors well enough within the lines, takes the premise seriously and decamps the camp. And after the two Alien vs. Predator things, that’s something in itself. Feather River Cinemas and Tinseltown. Rated R