‘Princess’ earns proclamation

City of Chico gives props to Outlaw Eri Yoshida

Chico’s newest celebrity earned a standing ovation during the City Council meeting on Saturday (July 24).

Eri Yoshida, the 18-year-old Chico Outlaws sensation, stood at the podium in Council Chambers as Mayor Ann Schwab read a proclamation honoring the pitcher for her outstanding achievements in professional baseball. The “knuckle princess”—so named for her knuckle ball pitching style—has been a big draw at Nettleton Stadium since her debut in May.

The Japan native is the first woman to play pro baseball since Ila Borders left the sport a decade ago, and she’s the only woman to have played professionally in three (Japan, U.S. and now Canada) countries. Yoshida (pictured), who speaks very little English, looked perplexed when Schwab asked her if she would come back to Chico. But she was able to offer these parting words: “I love Chico.”