Pot-raid aftermath

Local collectives start up an advocacy/fundraising coalition

Rick Tognoli runs Scripts Only Service (or S.O.S. for short), a patient medical-marijuana collective on Highway 32. S.O.S. was one of the eight collectives raided last month by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and Chico Police Department, and one of just a few that have reopened.

In Tognoli’s opinion, the patients were the ones really hurt by the raid—not the collectives. That’s why S.O.S., in connection with other collectives in town (who wished to remain anonymous), is helping start up the Butte County Patient Coalition, a patient-advocacy group.

“The clubs came under siege, but it all trickles down to the patients,” Tognoli said.

The group is soliciting donations that will go toward three main goals: helping patients, helping co-ops and creating an emergency defense fund. A panel of 10 patients is being formed to make decisions on which patients will receive funding. For more information or to make a donation, call 321-2645.