Ozzy Osbourne


Three years ago, with Black Rain, Ozzy Osbourne seemed a little scared. The tracks were filled with environmentalist agendas and concern for humanity—not the thing you expect from a guy who used to eat bats. However, with his latest album, the Prince of Darkness settles back into his presence as a rock ’n’ roll icon. Making the first album without long-time guitarist Zakk Wylde, Ozzy may have felt he needed to explode out of the gate on this one and prove he can still yell with the best of them. The song “Let Me Hear You Scream” isn’t a track that works on multiple levels—it’s blatant and simple and gets the blood racing. In other words, it’s what you want to hear at a concert. Both “Diggin’ Me Down” and “Fearless” are prime examples of why you need to let most of the album grow on you. It’s not as hardcore as Black Sabbath (which many fans will quickly point out), but it’s also not as detached and contemplative as Black Rain. At first glance, these tracks are forgettable, but soon they prove infectious: inflammatory lyrics, solid guitars, and a steady beat by which to pump your fist. A throwback to the previous album—“Time”—does sneak in near the end of Scream, and you have to wonder if the Prince of Darkness threw it Ozzy’s way to appease his fears.