Keep the pressure on

BP Blows won’t forget the Gulf spill anytime soon

While social-networking website Facebook may have revoked the publishing rights of a Facebook page called “BP Sucks!” back in mid-June, the FB page called “BP Blows” is still up and running, as is its companion website (, run by a South Florida T-shirt maker named Wes Spicer, who is rightfully incensed by BP’s disastrous Gulf Coast oil spill. Spicer’s site sells bright yellow-and-green “BP Blows” T-shirts for $12.95 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds going to various Gulf Coast wildlife-rescue efforts. “Our goal,” says the site, “is for a million people to wear a BP BLOWS t-shirt at least once a week to keep the pressure on BP to clean up every last drop of oil in the Gulf and beyond.” BP Blows encourages donations and volunteering time to Gulf Coast wildlife organizations, for which it offers a slew of links. There is also a link to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service daily count of Gulf Coast wildlife affected by the spill (on Aug. 8 alone, 3,839 dead birds—not to mention turtles, mammals and fish—were pulled from the Gulf).