Issue: August 19, 2010

Welcome back, students!

Have you noticed that the streets are already filled with more young people? Well, that’s because Chico State starts up soon, so in preparation, we’ve put together a whole bunch of stories about higher education. We focus the microscope on online education at Chico State, while also taking a look at how Butte College is working to evaluate its web-based courses; a pair of profiles get under the skin of librarian-turned-author Jim Dwyer and Fulbright professor Diana Dwyre; and we offer insight into a possible addition to general education that would focus on mindfulness. There’s also dirt on Chico State’s revamped compost program and an interview with star golfer Kyle Souza.

There’s plenty more to sift through in this week’s issue. We had a ton of response to last week’s story about charter schools—check it out in Letters.

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Until next time,

Meredith Cooper, Managing Editor