Earlier election?

Local activist wants to move City Council election to June

If Stephanie Taber has her way, Chico City Council elections could be moved to June come 2012. Taber, who’s currently working as treasurer in Bob Kromer’s campaign for council, has submitted a notice of intent to circulate a petition to move municipal elections to June.

City Clerk Deborah Presson said Taber will have 180 days to gather signatures. She’s already submitted all local paperwork to the county for this November’s election, so, if Taber does gather the necessary 15 percent of voters’ signatures, she would qualify for a special election. That could happen sometime in the first half of next year, Presson said.

“We have a local election that takes place in June and it is for the Butte County supervisors, it’s for the sheriffs, it’s for things that are very local,” Taber said. “A lot of people don’t know that our City Council is elected on a different timeframe.”

Presson explained that years ago—before she took her post a decade ago—Chico’s City Council elections were held in April, “So, it’s not something that’s out of the ordinary.”