Bottling plant battle continues

Lawsuit over a proposed Orland Crystal Geyser plant gains traction

The case against Crystal Geyser Water Bottling Co.’s proposed 112,500-square-foot bottling plant in Orland is inching toward the courtroom.

On Friday (Aug. 13), attorneys representing local groups Friends of Orland and Save Our Water Resources (SOWR), as well as Crystal Geyser, will “appear” by telephone for a case-management conference. Both local groups have expressed concern over the proposed plant’s potential impact on a nearby toxic plume and the unknown environmental effects of large amounts of wastewater.

“We will discuss the hearing date—that will probably be the big issue,” said Sabrina Teller, the attorney representing SOWR.

The hearing likely will take place “some time in September,” said Teller.

“Basically, all we are asking for is a writ of mandate that the city [of Orland] did not comply with CEQA [The California Environmental Quality Act],” she said. “We are asking for approval [of the plant] to be rescinded until the city shows CEQA compliance.”