Rated 4.0

Long time character actor Danny Trejo stars as Machete, a Mexican federal whose weapon of choice is a long, sharp blade. One day, he gets in a little too deep with a Mexican drug cartel led by Steven Seagal, and unfortunately for Machete, the cartel is only a tentacle of an evil octopus that squats over the border via the Texas legislature. Cut to three years later: Machete is an illegal in Texas, picking up cash as a day laborer. He’s recruited by some slimy dude (Jeff Fahey) in a sleek limo to whack a Texas senator (Robert De Niro) running for re-election on an anti-immigrant platform. And before you can say, “Oswald was a patsy,” Machete is given an excuse to start tearing through all sorts of henchmen with his blade. Or whatever sharp object is at hand. Things get very violent, and very funny—if that’s your bag. It takes an appreciation for ’70s-era grindhouse flicks, and definitely a sick sense of humor, but armed with that, Robert Rodriguez’s Machete delivers the goods. Feather River Cinemas and Tinseltown. Rated R