Divided we stand

Political landscape becoming increasingly polarized

Nearly half of Americans say they care which party controls Congress, according to a new poll reflecting the nation’s increasingly polarized population. The new Gallup survey, conducted about a week before the midterm elections, found that 49 percent of adults care a great deal about the issue, 27 percent care a moderate amount, while 24 percent care little or not at all. Back in 2002, 40 percent of Americans said they cared a great deal about the political balance in Congress.

Here’s the breakdown among several political parties, as well as other groups:

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Cares: great deal moderate not much/at all Republican 67% 19% 13% Independent 31% 30% 37% Democrat 53% 29% 17% Conservative 63% 17% 18% Moderate 35% 39% 26% Liberal 51% 24% 23%