Deep cuts

Governor Brown’s budget seeks for big reductions in spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has just released a budget proposal that includes updates to the current budget and proposals for the 2012 package. In an attempt to address the projected $25.4 billion budget shortfall over the next two years, Brown’s plan includes $14 billion in various revenue-generating solutions—from a five-year extension of the .25 percent personal-income-tax increase to a realignment of redundant local/state services—plus $2 billion in short-term loans and a whopping $12.5 billion in reductions to general-fund spending (both through cuts and through shifting to other funding sources).

Governor’s proposed 2010-12 budget reductions (in billions)

Close redevelopment agencies $1.7

Medi-Cal cuts 1.7

CalWORKs cuts 1.5

UC/CSU cuts 1.0

Prop. 10 reserves shift to children’s programs 1.0

Transportation debt costs funded mostly with weight fees 1.0

Prop. 63 funds shift to community mental health 0.9

Developmental and regional center cuts 0.8

Shift some adult and all juvenile offenders to local jurisdictions 0.6

In-Home Supportive Services cuts 0.5

State employee salary cuts and reduced medical costs 0.4

Other 1.4