Issue: April 19, 2012

Good morning, readers:

Happy Earth Day (this Sunday)! In celebration of this day, and the month of

April, which is Earth Month, we present to you our Green Issue. It’s

chock-full of eco-themed stories, including a nice feature on a Chico man

who makes musical instruments out of junk. And don’t forget about

Greenways, our weekly section dedicated to environmental coverage.

(Incidentally, this is the fifth anniversary of the section.) This week, it

features a report on the so-called Transition movement starting up in Chico.

In Newslines this week, we have a report about members of Butte College’s

football team allegedly crashing a private party and assaulting men and

women in attendance. There’s coverage of the Chico Tea Party’s annual tax

day rally, and another report on the City Council meeting taking up the

issue of corporate personhood. And more.

In Arts and Culture, be sure to check out Ken Smith’s review of Rogue

Theatre’s latest play, Arcadia. The author describes it as “beautiful and

haunting.” Henri heads to a new Thai restaurant in this week’s chow, and he

says it might just be the best in town.

Happy reading,

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor