CAMMIES rush, local beer news and that amp I wanted

Mike Perry of White Russian

Mike Perry of White Russian

CAMMIES notes In the few days since experiencing the whirlwind three-night, 12-show weekend of Chico Area Music, Arts DEVO has three initial observations: One, punk rockers know how to have fun—loud, energetic, on-the-edge-of-completely-falling-apart fun (and the owners of Monstros Pizza are my heroes for embracing the glorious mayhem). Two, dark acoustic duo Kelly Brown (banjo) and Lisa Marie (guitar) are now at the top of my list of local acts that I would pay money to see. Three, White Russian guitarist Mike Perry is a beast! As an old friend used to often say: “Dude, tone.”

Required reading.

In the beginning, there was beer According to a listing on the website of Wiley publishing, the story of Chico’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., as told by its founder Ken Grossman, is going to be hitting bookshelves next fall. “Beyond the Pale chronicles Ken Grossman’s journey from hobbyist homebrewer to owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., one of the most successful craft breweries in the United States.” The book is slated to be released Oct. 16.

Dave Mulligan, <i>Runaway Blues</i>

Pass the bottle “Bless my lips when that bottle tips/ I wish I had a Sierra Nevada.” Speaking of Sierra Nevada, the author of the tribute song to our beloved local brewery is officially releasing the song on May 1, along with a brand new EP. “Sierra Nevada Song” closes out Runaway Blues, the latest release by Dave Mulligan, and the Chico singer/songwriter will be unveiling the disc at two local pre-release shows this week: Tuesday, April 24, at Café Coda, and Wednesday, April 25, in the pub during Sierra Nevada’s release party for this year’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest. Members of Mulligan’s other band, Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers, will be on hand at both shows, including The Mother Hips’ Tim Bluhm, who produced this and Mulligan’s previous album, 2007’s The Late Great Southwest.

And, cute band alert! New acoustic duo Tumbler, featuring Scott Itamura of Dick and Jane and The RailflowersEllen Knight, will be opening for the Coda show.

“Power, tonality and ruggedness.”

Visiting hours It is ridiculous that I haven’t taken the time to walk six freakin’ blocks to see the visiting prison-art show hanging in the Public Art Space at Chico State’s Bell Memorial Union. I love prison art, and Keeping the Spirit Alive: Artwork from San Quentin Prison Arts Project and Arts-in-Corrections has been up for nearly two months! And the show closes this Friday, April 20! What it is wrong with me? C’mon, we’re going.

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