The incestuous rawk ‘n’ roll cesspool in San Francisco continues to seep beyond the Bay. The new collab between lo-fi bedroom project White Fence (aka Tim Presley) and garage rock wunderkind Ty Segall (aka Ty Segall) comes off pretty much as you would expect from these blokes—ramshackle tunes that smack of British Invasion and lost Nuggets nuggets. Hair is less introspective than Segall’s previous outing, Goodbye Bread, and it’s definitely a little looser. Lead single “I Am Not a Game” is a spazzy number that starts off inconspicuously with Hammond organ before taking a few noisy twists and turns. “Crybaby” is pure spacey sock-hop pop, sure to elicit inappropriate dance moves. Overall, Hair is unpredictable, even within its familiar tropes. Songs tend to randomly swerve off the rails, and the collage of guitar noise and acoustic strums shakes things up. Segall and Presley know their way around a pop hook, so there’s no surprise these songs come fully loaded. It’s almost unfair that they get to bring in cronies Mikal Cronin and Sean Presley. Talk about the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle.