The curtain comes down

Chico Cabaret’s owners on why they closed their theater company

The authors recently closed their theater company, Chico Cabaret, after 11 years and more than 1,500 performances.

We would like to thank all those who have supported the Chico Cabaret. We’ve been in the Almond Orchard Plaza for more than 11 years, played more than 1,500 performances and produced more than 100 productions.

Our volunteer base, averaging more than 80 every year for the past six years, is probably the largest and strongest theater company Chico has ever known. We had a fantastic base of talent: singers, dancers, musicians and actors. We’re proud that many of these artists called Chico Cabaret their “home.”

Chico Cabaret’s success was not about one or two individuals; it was about a team of more than 200 people for longer than 11 years. How wonderful and amazing this has been—truly, a dream realized. We will be forever grateful.

We would like to acknowledge all of the people and businesses in this letter, but the short list would include our company director, Jeff Dickenson, and our past and present board members: Keith and Stephanie Adams, Natalie Valencia, Brent and Renee Boyd, Mark Cunha-Rigby, David Watkin, Noah Herbold, Sean Green, and Max Zachai. There are probably 100 more core people, business sponsors, and special longtime patrons whom we could easily add to the list. Many of them were honored with awards at our final, sold-out event, Phil & Sue’s Excellent Adventure, on March 24.

Many folks might be wondering why Chico Cabaret is leaving. That answer is too complex to answer in this letter, but it doesn’t have to do with rent increases or money or a lack of support. Sue and I made a conscious choice. We recognized that there are a great many other things we’d like to enjoy together: dancing, walking along Broadway at night, going on vacations and spending more time with each other and our family. We also need to clean our house! People who own and run their own businesses understand.

We’ve been working full-time jobs while running the business of theater as well. It’s been incredible, but it’s time to say goodbye to all that. We cannot envision life without theater, however, so Chico Cabaret will plan the occasional show around town, perhaps temporarily filling a vacant warehouse or building. If anyone has suggestions, we’re open to ideas. You can reach us at; if you’d like to receive information about future auditions or performances, go to our website at and join our email list, or see us on Facebook.

Until we meet again, thank you, Chico. We’ll see you ’round town.