A ‘world-class aggregation’

We should thank Terry Givens for creating one of the best farmers’ markets in existence

The author heads up the cooking and gardening program at the charter Sherwood Montessori School in Chico.

When I read in the CN&R’s March 1 issue [” ‘Time for a change,’ “ by Christine G.K. LaPado] that Saturday Certified Farmers’ Market Manager Terry Givens had departed and a new manager had taken the reins, a warm glow came over me. I put my hands together in front of my chest, bowed forward and gave thanks, recognizing as a blessing the deep, positive impact Terry has had on my and our community’s quality of life.

Since I moved to Chico 10 years ago, my hundreds of visits to the Saturday market without exception have been a safe social extravaganza and celebration of body, mind, heart and soul … proof that I live in a strong, healthy, mindful and joyful community. For this, I urge you to join me and my family in thanking Terry in your own way, affirming, if you’ll indulge me, that our farmers’ market is in many ways one of the best in the world.

We enjoy and can count on world-class biodiversity, organic principles and practices, available and affordable produce and artisan products at our farmers’ market. I don’t know about any of the politics, and I understand that the old school inevitably morphs into the new in all areas of my life, but I’m glad that Terry has been here so long. Dave’s bread, Rob’s kale, Matt’s carrots, Greg’s brown rice, anything that Al does and that Mandy and John are doing, Antonio’s tamales and magnificent salsas, Judy’s conversation—I live for those items and knowing those people. Terry most certainly has been a force behind this undeniably world-class aggregation.

As Liz Gardner-Jaqua takes steps from the old school into the “new and improved one,” I send her and the new board good vibrations. I hope they know that they have been set up for success … that they have solid tradition and a caring, thankful community behind them. I hope that they progress accordingly, sustainably and joyfully, as I believe they can only do. And I do like the ideas for progress that I read about in Ms. LaPado’s article.

Go well, Terry, and thank you, from the deepest place in my heart.