DF&G chief let off with warning

Richards won’t be penalized for shooting mountain lion in Idaho

Daniel Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission, will not be punished for shooting a mountain lion out of a tree during a guided hunt in Idaho in January.

While it is illegal for elected officials and members of state boards and commissions to accept free gifts of more than $420 a year, unless they are paid back within 30 days, the California Fair Political Practices Commission opted to issue a warning to Richards, who reimbursed Idaho’s Flying B Ranch the gifted $6,800 fee for guided hunts of big cats after the 30-day limit, according to SFGate.com. A photo of Richards holding the cougar, which he shot and ate after a tracker and dogs chased it up a tree, caused environmentalists and Democratic leaders to call for his resignation.

While hunting mountain lions has been prohibited in California since 1971, it is legal in Idaho.