Issue: June 18, 2009

Welcome to the final newsletter before summer! I know, since graduation, it seems like summer has been here for a while... except for the spring-like weather. We’re about to enter the high-90s and reach June 21 right around the same time. Silly solstice...What does the seasonal banter have to do with this week’s issue? Not much directly, but a lot indirectly, at least with our centerpiece: the Feature Story focusing on changes in the Chico Unified School District that will take place while kids enjoy their summer vacation. Under the Elementary Housing Plan approved by the school board, programs and/or boundaries will shift at many campuses come the start of the 2009-10 academic year. Christine G.K. LaPado talks to district officials about the shift, as well as parents concerned both about the plan and the process used to arrive at it.With Jason Cassidy living it up in Paris, Christine also makes a cameo appearance as the Arts DEVO columnist this week.She’s not the only one here with a renaissance flair.Robert Speer has two distinct news stories this week: one on the City Council session to hash out the municipal budget, the other a quintessential Chico story about an impromptu effort to help a lost boy. He also authored a book review. Along with my column, I wrote a piece on the retirement of Chico’s police chief and a review of the restaurant established by Chico’s city clerk. Meredith J. Cooper stayed in the cinematic realm with her contributions: a movie review of Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and a story on the Burning Man documentary screening next Thursday at the Pageant.Lots to read. Take your laptop outside, click to the CN&R pages that intrigue you, and enjoy the pleasant environment before the scorcher days return!Evan Tuchinsky, Editor