Top 10 “Sweetest Summer Foods for Fat Loss”

Summer’s just about here. Doubtless, many of you are dieting like crazy to get your bodies ready for that new bikini or pair of sexy swim trunks you’re dying to sunbathe in. You’re avoiding fats and sugary foods, but you’d still like to enjoy yourself at a summer barbecue. lists 10 must-consume, guilt-free summer foods that are low in fat but satisfy your need to put something refreshing in your mouth.

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Food Calories Why it’s healthy Watermelon 32 Keeps you hydrated; it’s more than 90 percent water. Summer Squash 20 Low-cal protection against heart disease, cancer and stroke. Blackberries 52 One cup has 7.6 grams of dietary fiber, which helps with weight loss. Jell-O Pudding Fudgesicles 35 Made with chocolate pudding powder, skim milk, protein powder and artificial sweetener, they will give you more calcium (and less fat) than ice cream. Papaya 39 High in vitamin C and reduces the risk of colon cancer Water 0 Drink lots of good, clean water. Add a slice of lemon, lime, orange or watermelon for a little extra flavor. Corn on the cob 98 Satisfy your craving for something crunchy (rather than chips and dip) by eating corn on the cob; good source of vitamin B1 Sweet potato fries 103 Another good sub for chips; good source of dietary fiber, vitamins C and B6, and potassium. Popcorn 50 Treat yourself to popcorn made over the barbecue or campfire (add nutritional yeast for flavor and B vitamins). Cantaloupe 35 High in vitamins C and A, and better for your eyes than carrots!