Issue: June 04, 2009

Welcome to the electronic newsletter! Looking over the e-letters from our sister papers in Sacramento and Reno, I discovered that the paragraph break is a mighty useful format tool, so I’ve unveiled it this week. (On the trailing edge of technology, am I...)Ahh, much better!Our cover story this week delves into the onimous acronym TANC. The Transmission Authority of Northern California wants to run high-voltage powerlines down the North Sacramento Valley, and one of the proposal routes goes through Bidwell Park to Oroville and across properties in Palermo. Robert Speer talks to residents, county officials and TANC to explain the various concerns.The lead news story exposes heavy-handed action by the state against local T-shirt screeners. Suddenly enforcing a little-known licensing law, inspectors have leveled heavy fines that have shut down some of these small businesses. Ginger McGuire shows what’s going on.On the arts side, Christine G.K. LaPado profiles the Kent Family Magic Circus, Arts Editor Emeritus Mark Lore previews the Chico show of the reunited Sacramento band Far, and Meredith J. Cooper reviews the new horror film from Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell (hint: movie is apparently better than the name).One other tip: Anthony Peyton Porter’s column is particularly thought-provoking this week.Till next time...Evan Tuchinsky, Editor