Paris, Vomit Launch

<br> Ooh la la

Ooh la la

La vie en rose Normally, I’m just like you, Chico: When the month of May ends and the last of the masses head out of the North Valley (with one-tenth of their security deposits in their pockets), I begin to settle into the hot tranquility of summer. But this is not a normal year, and I am not like you. Thing is, your Arts DEVO turns 40 this summer, and in an effort to salve the wounds of time Mrs. DEVO is taking us both to the City of Lights next week. To say I’m stoked would be an understatement. Other than a handful of underage puke-a-thons in Tijuana, I have never crossed our country’s borders, and Paris has been the beacon on the “someday we’ll be able to afford a vacation” horizon for all 16 years of our marriage.

I am freaking out a little about what to wear, though. I mean, when it comes to food, my palate is very broad. (In fact, while visiting the world’s culinary center, I plan on sampling the whole of the gastronomique. I will eat anything put in front of me, and I will be actively seeking out foodstuffs that have never before crossed my tongue. The more prepared, aged, slimy, rendered, fatty, fermented, moldy or tortured the better.) But when it comes to my version of fashion sense, my palette exists on that narrow plane in between Gates Resale and the clearance rack at Gap.

So I’ve decided to update and try to sophisticate-up a bit before traveling. I’m just getting started, but so far I’ve put together this little ensemble for day one, and I think it says, “Hey, Paris, I’m Jason. We should hang.”

<br /> Vomit Launch

I threw up in A cat box It’s time to give props again to one of my, and many of your, all-time-favorite Chico bands—Vomit Launch. Actually, no matter how you felt about the late-’80s/early-’90s band, you can’t deny that it had everything a local band needed to become a Chico legend (to a wider swath than just the endless-jam crowd): punk spirit, a flair for drama, serious pop hooks, cool lyrics (“I might kill the bouncer / I don’t like Bill the bouncer”), awesome stage presence, two dudes and two chicks, a memorable name, a bare-footed bassist, an English drummer, a guitarist with the (real) last name of Thrasher and a passionate front-woman who would fake left with a sad love song, then when you weren’t looking bust a beer bottle over your head.

Well, I just received word from singer Trish Rowland that even those of you who may have missed out on the fun can get down and dirty with the seminal Chico band thanks to the brand-new tribute site that bassist Larry Crane (of Tape Op magazine and Jackpot Recording Studio fame) put together at There’s a bio, photos, videos, old fliers, lyrics, a list of gigs and even free music downloads.


• Open Studios call: It’s never too early to be thinking about fall. If you’re wanting to show, it’s time now to sign up for Chico Art Center’s annual Open Studios Tour in October/November. Visit to download an application, or call 895-8726. Deadline is June 26.

• With English: If you see CN&R Managing Editor Meredith J. Cooper around town, congratulate her and her Towne Lounge team for taking first place in this year’s Chico Women’s Pool League. Give her a high five, or better yet lay down a fiver on the rail and see if you can hold your own.