Issue: May 07, 2009

Welcome to the first CN&R electronic newsletter! I’ll be coming to you each week in this spot with a quick note exclusively for cyber-subscribers. Most of the time, I’ll highlight some of my favorite things in the issue -- the table of contents below is comprehensive, which I know can be synonymous with daunting, so I’ll give you a sampling of selections. Take the cover story package this week -- the topic of college seniors looking for work might not have a direct tie to your life, but you may want to check out the sidebar (written by yours truly) featuring a forecast of the local economy, which impacts everyone. So does the upcoming election, with a collection of propositions that I knew far less about until reading Robert Speer’s news story (plus the Editorial, which we talked about but he wrote. True confession there ...) If all that sounds too dense, I also wrote a review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Christine LaPado profiled fashionistas. Oh, one last thing: We’ve launched a blog, which I explain in my column. Wow, that’s a lot about my own stories! Don’t worry, I won’t be ego-trippin’ every week; I’ll share the love. Thanks for subscribing, and happy reading!Evan Tuchinsky, Editor