What not to include on your résumé

From being long-winded to spelling mistakes

The experts at the Chico State Career Center offer a list of things not to include on your résumé. For more help, call them up at 898-5253, check them out online at www.csuchico.edu/plc or head over to their Student Services Center office.

The top five things to avoid on a résumé are:

1. Typos. It is estimated that 20 percent of student résumés have them!

2. Wordiness. Use bullet points with action verbs, not full sentences.

3. Acronyms. Explain achievements briefly, don’t just list random letters.

4. Too much information. Keep the length down to one page.

5. Long GPAs. It’s a grade-point average of 3.4, not 3.38246. (Don’t forget to round up or down.)