Tax elation?

Bay Area counties top state’s income ranking

While income figures for 2008 are anyone’s guess in this struggling economy, the California Franchise Tax Board reported the statewide median income for 2007 rose .72 percent to $35,646. Not surprising, FTB announced that the four counties with the highest median incomes are the same ones that have led the state for the past 36 years. Curious how your salary stacks up? Here are the rankings for those big-money areas, along with a look at local counties:

Ranked median income

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1. Marin $53,673 2. San Mateo $49,230 3. Santa Clara $48,131 4. Contra Costa $46,375 44. Butte $29,710 47. Glenn $28,839 50. Tehama $28,368 54. Colusa $27,953

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