Issue: December 08, 2016

The cover story this week: Young boxing prodigy Dylan Cayuga is 10-1 in the ring, but can he make good on the promise of fallen fighter Richard Duran? Scott Thomas Anderson has the story.

Elsewhere in the issue: Allen Warren is in debt, but that won't stop him from leading a divestment effort against Wells Fargo-which is, in turn, suing him for $2.5 million. Raheem F. Hosseini and Matt Kramer have the story; high burnout coupled with fewer credentialed professionals in the teaching pool are amplifying the needs of special education students in a profession exhibiting high turnover, find out what one local school district is trying to do to fix that, Corey Rodda has the scoop; On November 29th local labor and human rights activist Michael Israel was killed while volunteering to fight ISIS, Scott Thomas Anderson reports from Israel's December 4th vigil. Elsewhere, Scott Ferreter dubs his new album "a soundtrack for the grieving process," learn what makes it so, Rebecca Huval reports.