Letters for December 8, 2016

Yes, we are

Re “Use it or lose it” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, December 1):

It is unquestionably apparent that your magazine has been anti-Trump from the very beginning of his presidential campaign. Now I read that you are calling him out on his opinion of what he thinks the consequences should be for people who burn the American flag.

You rush in to defend flag burners under the First Amendment, yet you neglect to mention Trump’s opinion about the consequences for such a disgraceful act are also under that same First Amendment, which is freedom of speech. If you want to seem at least a smidgen unbiased, at least report both sides of the story.

Roy Edwards


Clueless Democrats

Re “Political system, gamed” by Ron Lowe (SN&R Letters, November 23):

Mr. Lowe states he will never accept “the lying, cheating and dishonesty that has become a way of life for the Republican Party.” Remember during the last Trump-Hillary debate, when Trump refused to say he’d accept the results of the election if he lost? Hillary called Trump’s statement “horrifying.” Everything the Democrats warned might happen on the Republican side is now happening on the Democratic side—the “not my president” protests allegedly funded by Hillary supporter billionaire George Soros, fear-mongering, and calls for the electoral college to change the results. Tell me again how the two parties are not two sides of the same rotten political coin.

Jan Bergeron


Because, chemtrails

Re “The dying tree” by Graham Womack (SN&R News, December 1):

If the trees die, we die! It’s not just the drought and bark beetles that are taking our trees. Let’s start making the connection between climate engineering and this so-called tree die-off. Also known as geoengineering, this is the modification of the earth’s atmosphere with the supplementation of compounds and chemicals, ostensibly as a means of favorably influencing the climate. One of the most significant means of climate engineering is the high-altitude spraying of aerosol compounds into the earth’s atmosphere, most notably aluminum, barium and other heavy metals. These compounds eventually end up on the ground and in the water, causing changes in soil pH and composition, and generally poisoning the earth below. Sickness almost always visits communities within one to three days after the spraying has taken place. Whole ecosystems are collapsing and our rapidly dying trees are the most visible harbinger of what is unfolding. Let’s tell folks the truth about these “chemtrails” appearing over Sacramento more days than not. They are the proverbial canary in the mine.

Melissa Andrews