Issue: October 13, 2016

The cover story this week: Scientists and anti-spraying activists are battling over which mosquito-borne diseases you need to worry about most, or are pesticides the real problem here? Alastair Bland has the story.

Elsewhere in the issue: What is doxing--and what happens when a person gets doxed on social media? Raheem F. Hosseini talked to a local Twitter personality who had his anonymity blown; Corey Rodda reports on the 37th annual Take Back the Night rally and its message to a popular presidential candidate; Elsewhere, as we head to the polls in less than a month, SN&R's Jeff vonKaenel reminds our readership of the importance of casting a ballot this election; Also in the book, from Sicilian shores to Sacramento's newsstands, Sasha Abramsky reflects on the perspective provided by a historical place during a turbulent political climate in the United States.