Letters for October 13, 2016

Trump vs. conscience

Re “‘When we fight, we win’” by Sasha Abramsky (SN&R Feature Story, October 6):

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the urgency of stopping Trump at the polls, nor do they have a basic understanding of Politics 101. Empirical evidence suggests that third-party candidates can impact the outcomes, but you’re wasting your vote in voting for any of the third-party candidates in 2016. Bernie Sanders was the sole palatable third-party candidate with an agenda to bring fruition for those seeking justice on all fronts and he has aligned with the DNC knowing full well that the only way to affect change is to work within the framework of the existing two-party system. Realistically, any vote for a third-party candidate will not result enough electoral college votes being bestowed upon your candidate in order to be elevated to POTUS-elect. It is simply voting your conscience and ultimately results in a vote for Trump. In the event Trump wins, I hope your third-party candidates can live with their conscience of being on the wrong side of history.

Brian Steele

Fair Oaks

Why ‘no’ now?

Re “Pop-up restaurant crackdown” by Mozes Zarate (SN&R News, October 6):

I think it’s a shame that they can’t operate a pop-up business, especially after they have paid all the fees to do so. After they get all the licensing, they’re told they can’t operate? That’s totally unfair. Why, after they’re on the way as hard-working Americans just making a living, are they told “no”? Why? The county didn’t have a problem taking their money.

Bobbie Hart


Porn punishment

Re “Outsourcing porn” by John Flynn (SN&R News, October 6):

What Rick Taylor and his client the AHF are conveniently ignoring is that companies that do follow the law are still subjected to a penalty fee to even attempt to prove their innocence. He also fails to mention that Prop. 60 also forces people married or in relationships to use condoms if they happen to want to broadcast themselves. If the AHF were truly interested in protecting performers, they would have written a narrow bill focused solely on protection rather than harassment.

Jack Mercer


Adult time

Re “On pie and protest” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Editor’s Note, September 29):

Clearly, both pie man and macho mayor were in the wrong. I can’t wait for Darrell Steinberg to move into the mayor’s office. For the first time since Heather Fargo left, there will be an adult sitting there.

Miles D. Wichelns