Issue: September 22, 2016

The cover story this week: It's here, SN&R's yearly Best of issue! Our writers', and you, the readers', highlight the best of the best when searching Sacramento for the city's tastiest foods, boutique deals, recreational adventures and much more.

Elsewhere in the issue: Film critic Daniel Barnes reviews Oliver Stone's newest, Snowden ; GM- OH NO ! Were several UC Davis researchers paid-out to make biotechnology companies look good? Alastair Bland has the dirt. Elsewhere, aside from the colossal cosmetic change to downtown, the arena has also brought vehicular woes, what with parking meters that go till 10 p.m., but how else will Sacramento turn a profit from parking? Raheem F. Hosseini has the scoop. Also in the book: Reader, wherefore art thou not going to go see Romeo and Juliet ? Consider it! Jeff Hudson has the review.